Feel Free with Hypnotherapy


One of the first questions people ask is how many sessions will I need and how much do sessions cost. It can naturally take courage to contact a stranger to seek help with certain problems / conditions which may be affecting your life and it is for this reason I offer a free initial chat so that you can come along and ask how hypnotherapy works and whether you feel it might be right for you.

Unfortunately one size does not fit all because everyone is unique and therefore even if two different people come with the same problem, the number of sessions may vary. The likely number of sessions can be assessed on this first, no obligation meeting. Positive results will be seen much quicker when the techniques and exercises given are practised between sessions.

Some people respond really quickly, particularly if they are open minded and really do feel motivated and ready to make changes to things that have been affecting their lives.

Hourly sessions are charged at £45

I will give you 100% encouragement, commitment and professional expertise on every session. If you feel ready to overcome obstacles that may have been holding you back in your life or you need help through something challenging, then contact me to book your FREE initial chat.

The following all have fixed costs / sessions

  • Hypnoband
  • Birthing with Hypnosis Programme
  • Smoking Cessation

Just contact me to discuss or book your FREE initial no obligation appointment

  • Free initial consultation
  • Free Hypno-Band Consultation
  • Free CD's & info pack with your birthing programme
  • Free Stop Smoking consultation
  • Quick Results!

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