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Interesting reading

These books may appeal to you if you are interested in the mind-body connection or if you are interested in exploring self-healing techniques.

Your Body Speaks Your Mind
By Debbie Shapiro
ISBN 07499-1595-1
Your Body Believes Every Word you Say (The Language of Mind/Body Connection)
Barbara Hoberman Levine & Bernie Siegel
ISBN 0-88331-219-0
Think Your Way to Happiness
By Dr Windy Dryden and Jack Gordon
ISBN 0-85969-6030
Getting Well Again
O Carl Simonton MD
Stephanie Matthews-Simonton
James L Creighton
ISBN 0-553-28033-3
Peace, Love and Healing
Bernie Siegel MD
ISBN 0-09-974670-0
The Reiki Sourcebook
Bronwen and Frans Stiene
ISBN 1-09-974670-0
Adventures in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Silvia Hartman
ISBN 1-873483-63-5
The Creation of Health (The Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Responses that promote Health and Healing)
Caroline Myss PH.D
C Norman Shealy MD
ISBN 0-553-81255-6
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
David R Hamilton PhD
ISBN 978-1-84850-023-5
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