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What Jan's clients Say

"Your approach is very relaxed and professional and very well tailored to the individual. The process of hypnosis was clearly explained and I felt comfortable with it at all times. The self hypnosis I learnt helped me through the first stage of labour and I was also able to use the technique later to cope with pain during breast feeding".

"Just a note to say a huge thank you for all your help – I really couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again for everything although don't think you have got rid of me quite yet as I'll be along for a soothing back massage very soon!"

My baby weighed 10 lb 3. There is no doubt that if I had not seen Jan, I would have ended up having another epidural and disappointing experience. Instead, I had a 5 hour birth with no complications and was allowed home within 3 hours of giving birth. To all those who are going to see Jan, good decision. I will always remember her and be so grateful for what she did for me and my family. I finally had the birth I wanted. To those who are considering it, pick up the phone. It is the best money you will ever spend

Alcohol addiction and sleep problems - "I felt your whole attitude and the way you put me at my ease was really good, so good I encouraged my daughter to come and see you!"
Self-esteem and Confidence
"The sessions helped me move forward and get a positive perspective on life. I appreciated your down to earth approach and easy going nature and this gave me trust in the therapy".

From a 16-year old - "A lot of people as well as myself have noticed my improved confidence and now I can do more things at school and outside it that I would not have done before. I would like to thank you again for helping me."

"I can honestly say I have been happy with your service and can't think of any improvements I'd suggest. I realise hypnotherapy can have different effects on different people, but I found that despite my initial cynicism, it really worked for me".
Phobia of Butterflies
"I was slightly sceptical about hypnosis, but I could not get over the difference it has made to my phobia, whereas before I would panic and cry if a butterfly came near me, I am now actively looking for them everywhere, on cards, jewellery, clothing and of course in the garden. Thank you so so much Jan." 4 years later - "I will NEVER forget you, every time I see a butterfly you are in my thoughts and heart".

Phobia of doctors
Just wanted to say I went to the doctors again and had the easiest most untraumatic appointment in 10 years! and a relief not to worry that the 1st visit was a fluke! Blimey. I'll be inviting the GP back for tea next…. Anyway thanks again

Phobia of driving past lorries due to an accident
"I was so impressed with the process that I went on to train in clinical hypnotherapy myself. I found you to be very professional and approachable with an extremely caring manner. I felt at ease as soon as I sat down. The process of hypnosis was explained in a reassuring manner to put me at my ease. I would definitely recommend you to a friend."
Bereavement and grief
"Hypnosis was the only way I could help shift my grief when all other methods failed! I would consider hypnotherapy for any physical or emotional issue I may have. I attribute my grief management to it. It made me a lot calmer and able to cope!
"Just to let you know that everything is going well since you administered my anti-smoking therapy. Sometimes I get an urge but this soon passes. Once again, very many thanks for your help and keep up the good work!"

"I've become a non-smoker after 36 years! Felt very relaxed with you and had a laugh with you."

"I was very surprised with the outcome of the treatment. It really worked and I am normally very cautious of anything out of the norm"
Panic Attacks
"Just thought that I would give you a progress report since my couple of sessions with you. I am back at Uni now and everything is going fine. I feel much more in control than I did before. On the only occasion when I did get a bit panicky I just did the breathing and said the affirmation and I gained control. Thank you so much for your help."
Eating Disorders
Binge eating and low self-esteem
"I found you non-judgemental, friendly and very reassuring"

Bingeing on chocolate
"Hypnotherapy with Jan was a very worthwhile experience for me. I was very nervous about the therapy - might it be 'messing with the brain?' was probably my main anxiety. Jan put me totally at ease, the therapy has been very positive for me.
Enurisis (Bedwetting)
Adult Client reported 99% dryness at night after a lifetime of wetting the bed every night "You were very understanding and I still listen to the tape you made for me".
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